How to write effective ad copy for Facebook?

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Top 10 Tips to write Ad copy in Facebook Advertising, and avoiding common mistakes.

1) Do not capitalize every word
Ads may not include unnecessary capitalization. Your ad should use standard and proper capitalization. The first word of each sentence must be capitalized along with all proper nouns, such as an individual or location’s names, days of the week and months, and cities, states, and countries. The first letter of every word may be capitalized in the title.

Facebook Social Advertising

Facebook Social Advertising

2) Do not Capitalize the entire word
Ads may not include excessive capitalization (such as ‘FREE’). Acronyms may be capitalized. Offer codes may be capitalized, as well as business names as long as the business name is typically capitalized.

3) Check Grammar, Spellings and Slang. Avoid them in your Ad copy

4) Maintain Accurate Text – Well described.
Do not let your readers confused or provide half baked information.

5) Do not publish Irrelevant or Inappropriate Images. Use images relevant to your advertisement or related to your product or services. Do not publish nude, porn, unethical, provocative images.

6) Choose the target audience properly
You target audience should be relevant to your products. You can choose 8-18 years for video games, toys advertisements and not for dating.

7) Destination URL or Landing Page

The destination page should be relevant to the content which is published in Ad copy. The destination may not include fake close behavior, pop-ups (including pop-overs, pop-unders).

8) Make sure you follow Sentence Structure for your Adcopy description with proper grammar.
Use punctuations appropriately.

9) Do not use Unacceptable Language in your Adcopy.
Such as sexual terms, adult language, profanity.

10) Use text for Symbols and Numbers in Ad copies.

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